Men's Basketball

Mens_Sports_Basketball_1911.jpgIn 1911, when Dakota State University’s basketball program began, everyone knew that Dakota State was going to have a winning team, and they did. From then on, Dakota State has produced a very strong basketball program.

Even though every season did not start out well for the Trojan basketball team, they continued to keep fighting to construct a winning season. Research has shown that the basketball team over the past years has only improved. The coaching staff and the players will not settle with a losing season.

Mens_Sports_Basketball_Jump.jpgIn 1992, Dakota State had an exciting season. They made it into the playoffs, with a 12 – 15 record. The Trojans had their first playoff game against the Mount Marty College Lancers, and they defeated the Lancers with a score of 105-83, which moved them onto the next game. The Dakota State Trojans won seven playoff games in a row, showing everyone that they were not willing to back down.

Dakota State made it to the championship round of the Final Four that year, where they faced Northwestern College. The Trojans did lose that game, but they still had a very successful season. That year Dakota State won the Sub – District Title, and they also brought home their first District Title. They proved to be one of the best teams in NAIA Division II basketball that year.

Dakota State continues to produce great basketball teams every year. The Trojans have a long history of fighting through their struggles and working hard; qualities every team hopes to foster.



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