Beadle Hall / West Wing

beadle_hall1.jpgIn 1886, only three months after completion, the Normal School building burned to the ground in total destruction. The City of Madison issued bonds for $25,000 to build a dormitory and classroom buildings. The Legislature appropriated $35,000 to repay $25,000 in bonds bought by Madison citizens and the balance to finish the building. During the rebuilding process, classes were held in various buildings downtown.




The new building was rebuilt and named West Wing, which later became Beadle Hall. Constructed of Dell Rapids Granite, Milwaukee pressed brick and LaCrosse white-cut stone, West Wing housed four levels, including the basement. The 76' x 84' interior was finished in Oak and Georgia Pine. West Wing was opened in September of 1886. It housed the library and the Model School, which was set-up in the basement. There were three grades in the Model School: Primary, Intermediate and Grammar. At this time there were 124 students and 8 faculty members utilizing this building.


beadle_hall2.jpgIn 1935 a new roof was put on the building and in 1952 a major renovation took place, making it a modern, fire-resistant structure.

In 1970, West Wing's name was changed to Beadle Hall in honor of General William Henry Harrison Beadle, the college's third president.

Beadle Hall is now the oldest building in South Dakota that is still used for its original purpose.






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