Campus Laboratory School

In 1917 the Campus Laboratory (Training) School (Model School), a 120 x 142 ft. one-story brick building with a basement and a red tiled roof, was built. The school was used to train college students to be teachers in the elementary and secondary school systems.


The basement was occupied by the Domestic Science and Art Department along with the lunchroom. It was an excellent teacher-in-training laboratory facility.


In 1921, the Model School took on the name Eastern Campus School. The Eastern Campus School consisted of three departments: The Kindergarten-Primary Department, which included Kindergarten through second grade; the Intermediate Department, which included third through sixth grade; and the Junior High Department which consisted of seventh through ninth grade.


campus_lab_school3.jpgIn 1924, the Campus School's Junior High School Classes moved from their old location in West Wing (later named Beadle Hall) to the Campus Training School.

In 1947 the name of the Eastern Campus School changed to Beadle Campus School.

The Beadle Campus School's newspaper was called the Eastern Breezes. It's yearbook was called the Bluejay.


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Blue Jay Yearbooks






On January 19, 1963, the Campus School was destroyed by a fire, leaving 350 students without a school.





In 1968, the Mundt Library was built where the Campus Laboratory School once stood.



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