East Hall / Ladies Hall

east_hall_construction.gifIn 1901, Ladies Hall, now known as East Hall, was built as a dormitory for women. The building was made out of Sioux Falls Granite and had 43 rooms. There were bathrooms on each floor, with two parlors, a reception room and reading room.

An addition built in 1908 enlarged the kitchen, laundry room, and storage area. This was a 40 ft. extension that was added on the northeast side. The dormitory now had a capacity for 100 students instead of the former 80.



In 1954 a snack bar was added in the basement of East Hall in the tower room to accommodate 40 people.


In 1966, East Hall was completely renovated to include classrooms, a language library, an enlarged curriculum library and administrative offices. The interior of the building was completely changed from its original appearance.

In 1996, East Hall became handicapped accessible by the installation of an elevator.




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