Lowry Hall

lowry.jpgLowry Hall was built in 1958 as a dormitory for 70 male students. It was named after Vayne Arnold Lowry, the president of the University from 1933-1962. In 1974 it was closed because enrollment at the University had decreased. With no sign of needing the extra space Lowry Hall was rented out to Interlakes Community Action to be used for offices from 1978 until 1995.

Between 1995 and 1998 Lowry Hall was remodeled twice for the express purpose of housing new businesses that had an emphasis on technology. The first time it was rented out to BH Gold Insurance Company and the second time in 1998 by a computer company. The last face lift came to Lowry Hall in 2000 when the Business & Education Institute (BEI) and Computing Services moved in.

With the enrollment on campus growing, DSU is looking at moving more campus offices into Lowry Hall.




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