Richardson Hall

richardson_construction.jpgRichardson Hall is the largest of the dorms on the University campus. Construction of the hall completed during the summer of 1970 at a cost of $654,385.40. The building was named after Charles S. Richardson, the first President of Dakota State University, known then as Dakota Normal School.

Home of the "Rowdies from Richardson," as the men were called, this 35,000 square foot four-story men's residence hall accommodated 202 male students in double occupancy rooms. In 2013, Richardson Hall was changed to a co-ed dormitory, with men and women separated by floor. Central television lounges and bathroom facilities are provided on each floor along with a laundry in the basement, and a kitchen on the third floor. Because it is air conditioned, Richardson Hall was used during summer sessions for both men and women. The hall is located on the east end of campus next to Emry Hall and is within close walking distance of the Trojan Center.


richardson.jpgDuring the summer sessions, men and women cohabited Richardson Hall as an economical way to get the most use from the college's one air-conditioned dorm. According to the Eastern, "It is quite a life they live together; women on third and fourth floors (closer to the heavens). The men inhabit the first floor. Second floor is said to symbolize the Great Wall of China, protecting the girls from invasion."




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