Trojan Center

trojan_center.jpgThe Trojan Center, or "TC", as students commonly call it, was built in 1965. The TC serves as Dakota State's student union building, housing the bookstore, conference rooms, office space, lounge area, and a Meditation Center for students. The dedication of the TC in September 1965 was to be performed outside of the building beside another new building to campus at the time, Edgar C. Higbie Hall. However, due to bad weather, the dedication of the two buildings was moved into the auditorium of Kennedy Hall.

The Trojan Center serves as a student union building to this day, but there have been a few changes to the interior. A re-dedication ceremony was held in November of 1987 after remodeling had been completed. A new game room, along with many other additions, had been completed. In 1996, the TC saw another renovation, with a new dining area and bookstore put in on the main level of the building.

trojan_center_concept.jpgThe TC had yet another facelift in 2001, remodeling the "Underground". This area was redone to provide a stage for entertainers, to make the building more accessible through the addition of elevator, and to add another comfortable area for students to lounge.

Currently the Trojan Center is equipped with pool and Foosball tables, the bookstore, office space for the Student Health Services, Student Services, and many other organizations, and of course the cafeteria.



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