DSU Timeline: 1901-1910


  • Ladies' Hall was built and was ready for use in the fall. It served as a dormitory for women and included a kitchen and laundry facilities. This building was made out of Sioux Falls Granite. It consisted of 43 rooms for students, and a bathroom on each floor. There were also two parlors, a reception room and a reading room. In the basement was the students' dining room with a seating capacity of over 100. It also housed a laboratory for the Science Department. Ladies' Hall was heated by steam and lit with incandescent electric lamps.

  • The East Hall Boarding Club was started. This was a self-governing club, largely making and executing their own rules for the dormitory.

  • West Hall Dormitory was now used exclusively for male students. President Beadle was on year's sick leave to regain his health. Professor William W. Girton selected as Acting President (1901-1902). The Legislature appropriated money for construction of East Wing (later called Kennedy Hall).


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Program for Class Day Exercises June 11, 1901


1901 Commencement program


  • President Beadle returned as President. This was the first graduating class to wear cap and gowns. The school changed its name to Madison State Normal School. This year was the first to have a mid-winter (January) Commencement. It included 17 graduates.

  • The Science Club was started; they met every two weeks.



  • The first Girl's Basketball game occurred. It was versus Brookings College with a win for Madison State Normal School. There were two girls basketball teams at Madison State Normal School; the Reds and the Orangites.

  • The Madison State Normal School Band was organized. An electric light plant was installed north of West Wing (later Beadle Hall). A Tennis Association was organized in the fall semester, although this was not the first time tennis was played on campus. The 40 members were furnished with tennis outfits and had three well-equipped courts.


Above : Women's Basketball Team | Below : Band




Above : Model School Kindergarten Class | Below : Kennedy Hall Auditorium


  • East Wing (later called Kennedy Hall) was constructed. Mr. Dow of Sioux Falls was the architect. Mr. Hafsos, from Canton was the contractor. It was made of Dell Rapids Granite. The 72x78 foot building had 14,284 usable square feet. It housed administrative offices, classrooms, the library, and multipurpose auditorium and elegant chapel which seated 600.

  • During this time, West Wing (later called Beadle Hall) was used primarily for the Model School (training department). The Library holdings consisted of 3000 books which were cataloged according to the Dewey Decimal System.


Clara Mackay Oratorical Contest

  • The Cross Country Club was organized in September, there were 2 teams - the Reds and Yellows.


The Normal Yell


  • President Beadle retired as president but stayed on as professor of history until 1912 when he retired.

  • John W. Heston, President (1905-1920).

  • First cup trophy won on May 25-26 at the Inter-Normal Meet, which was an athletic and literary contest. This was the first year the Anemone (college yearbook) was published.



1905 Mid-Winter Commencement Program

  • At this time, property, buildings and equipment were valued at $140,000. There were four buildings on campus.



Above : Debating Club | Below : Philomathean Literary Society



Above : Men's Baseball | Below : Eurosophian Literary Society



Above : Junior Rhetorical Society


  • The Webster Society was organized. Its goal was to aide in developing the ability of its members in debate, oratory, music and other literary exercises as well as sociability.


January Graduates


  • A Smoke-Stack (a large brick chimney) was erected at $2,500. The contract went to Wold & Johnson of Brookings.

Madison_State_Normal_1907_Commencement_invitation.jpg1907 Commencement

  • In the fall, the Girl's Glee Club (pictured below) was formed.


  • The Century Club was organized. There were two divisions "A" & "B", due to the large membership. The Century Club's aim was to learn to discipline themselves in oratory and declamation.


Below : West Hall dormitory & West Wing (Beadle Hall) in the background




Above : East Wing | Below : East Hall



  • A 40 ft. addition was built onto the north of the Ladies' Hall Dormitory (now called East Hall). It included an enlarged kitchen, laundry & storage rooms. East Wing (later called Kennedy Hall) housed the Executive Office and the elegant chapel, not surpassed by any in the State.


Above : East Wing President's Room | Below : East Wing Auditorium



Basketball Teams


Above : Football Team | Below : Baseball Team



Class of 1908


  • The abandoned West Hall (Men's Dormitory) (36' X 86') located on the southwest end of campus was torn down to build a Science Hall & Gymnasium building in its place. Some of the West Hall building materials were salvaged for construction of the new building.

  • In the fall, Madison State Normal Orchestra was organized.





Women's Gym

  • Dr. Heston's interest in Industrial education in relation to teacher education moved him to build the Science Hall. Sioux Falls Granite was used in the erection of the 60x100 Science Hall and Gymnasium (later called Women's Gym and then Performing Art Center and presently named TCB - Tunheim Classroom Building). This building was located on the southwest end of campus. The first floor housed the laboratory, classroom facilities for chemistry, physics and agriculture, and a large lecture room. The 2nd floor housed the gymnasium. Science was introduced through the establishment of courses in chemistry and domestic science. Many social events took place in this building as well.

  • Tuition was at $2.00 per quarter, which consisted of 12 weeks. Tuition, room and board, books and fees totaled $135.65 for nine month period (3 quarters).



East Hall Dorm Room

  • New cement walks were laid on campus.



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