Gertrude Gill

Gertrude_Gill.jpgGertrude Gill was one of Dakota State University’s most beloved, founding educators of her time. Ms. Gill was born on March 9, 1890 in the small town of Montrose, South Dakota. She was first contacted to work at the then Eastern State Normal School by Dr. Edgar C Higbie. While at Dakota State University Ms. Gill served as the advisor to the Chapter of Kappa Sigma Iota. This society was viewed as one of the most elite society's to enter into. The society strived for a high standard of excellence in, “maintaining an educational society dedicated to maintaining a high level of scholastic achievement and fostering high ideals of professional fellowship.” After serving as teacher and adviser to the Kappa Sigma Iota Chapter, Ms.Gill decided to retire in 1959. After leaving the school she decided to live out the rest of her days in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

On December 19, 1983 Ms. Gill passed away at her estate in Sioux Falls. What people found out later was that Ms. Gill’s estate was worth $275,000 and it was to be sold off and the money given back to Dakota State. Because Ms. Gill assisted in establishing the Kappa Sigma Iota Chapter and advising the chapter, Dakota State decided to make an endowment in her name. The ceremony became official on March 4, 1985 and the qualifications to enter into the society were; “a grade point of 3.5, leadership skills and a satisfactory effort towards a baccalaureate degree in Information Systems.”



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