Caroline Ruth Habeger

Caroline_Ruth_Habeger.jpgAs a child Caroline Ruth Habeger attended the State Normal School from grade school until she received her bachelor’s degree in the field of horticulture. She then attended the University of Nebraska in 1933 for her Masters. In addition to her education she competed in track as a broad jumper and became the best broad jumper at Dakota State. After Ms. Habeger completed her Masters program she returned to Dakota State where she taught for more than 31 years. During that time she was a student teacher for 9 year, the head of the biology Department for 3 years, and a professor in the field of Science and Math for the remainder of her career. After serving Dakota State for more than 31 years she decided to retire in 1967. On February 25, 1976 the science center had a dedication ceremony were they named the building after her.



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