June Emry

June_Emry227.jpgJune was born in Brighton, Iowa on January 10, 1886 and was the youngest of six children. She achieved all of her education in Iowa and graduated from the Iowa State Teacher’s College in 1907. After receiving her baccalaureate degree she pursued higher education by achieving her masters degree from the University of Chicago in 1911. After receiving her masters degree she became the principal of Pannia High School in Colorado and shortly there after became the superintendent. After her stay in Colorado she ventured to Madison, South Dakota where she became the High School Principal. At this time the High School was located right next to State Normal School. In 1921 June became the first woman elected as the President of the South Dakota Education Association. While President, she also became Dean of Women and she held that position for ten years. She decided to go back to school where she earned her Doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Oregon in 1936 and for a change of pace she opened a bookstore in Madison. After some well deserved time off she returned to the Eastern State Teachers College as Dean of Women. In addition to being an esteemed faculty member, Ms. Emry was known as a devoted, intelligent, and caring woman who was a strong advocate of Women’s Rights.


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