Dr. Ray Kellogg

Dr. Kellogg attended college in Madison until 1931, when the college was known as Eastern State Teacher's College. Buildings on campus at that time were the West Wing, East Hall, East Wing, and the Campus School. The President of the college was Dr. E.C. Higbie and the Dean of Men was V.A. Lowry. Other people of note on the college staff during Dr. Kellogg's days at ESTC included Gertrude Gill, whose generous bequest continues to fund student scholarships today. Karl E. Mundt, later celebrated as a United States Senator, was a professor of Social Science and Forensics in those days.

Ray M. Kellogg, M.D., who passed away March 4, 2003, was a great friend to his alma mater. Over the years, he sent notes to the alumni office updating them on events in his life and reminiscing on his days at Eastern State Teacher's College.

Ray Kellogg graduated from ESTC in 1931. In the yearbook a notation reads:

"Ray's cartoons for the Trojan and those he produced in Mr. Peterson's history class are ample proof of his ability as an artist. Ray is another prodigal son. He left Eastern, attended Purdue University and an art school, and has returned to finish work for a degree. He is a member of Kappa Sigma Iota, but quoting him, 'Don't hold that against him'."

Kellogg was displaying his sense of humor with the quip above, as membership in Kappa Sigma Iota was an honor that was highly coveted. Kappa Sigma Iota was established as an honorary scholastic society at ESTC in 1922. For students to be eligible, they had to earn 30 honor points, or which 15 had to be scholastic. Dr. Kellogg is credited with suggesting the name "Trojans" for the college mascot.

Kellogg practiced as a Physician at New Mexico State University for several years. He established a memorial funds in 1973 honoring his father Dr. Harold E. Kellogg, who attended the Normal for one year beginning in January of 1901, before going on to medical school. The elder Kellogg practiced in Eastern South Dakota for thirty years.

The description of the Kellogg scholarship is as follows:

The Kellogg endowment is named in memory of Harold and Pearl Kellogg, parents of Dr. Ray Kellogg, class of 1931. Harold Kellogg was born in a sod house in Dakota Territory in 1883 and grew up on a farm near Madison. After attending Eastern State Normal School (now DSU), he earned his MD in 1910, and practiced medicine in eastern South Dakota until his death in 1941. Pearl Mabel (Cheney) Kellogg was born in Lake County, Dakota Territory in 1883, attended schools in Lake and Kingsbury counties, and Union College at Lincoln, NE. Dr. Ray Kellogg, while at DSU, suggested the name "Trojans" for the college athletic teams. He received his MD from Loma Linda University in 1951. Dr. Kellogg received a DSU Certificate of Merit in 1973. Scholarships from this endowment are awarded to deserving students, incoming or continuing, in any major field of study.

Below are some of Ray Kellogg's Drawings

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Alumni News - winter 2004