Kings and Queens

Parade Marshalls

1929_Homecoming_Queen_and_her_court.jpgThe inaugural homecoming at Eastern State Teachers College now Dakota State University, was called Pioneer Day, it took place October 1922. The day was filled with many activities, including a barbeque and a parade. The first Eastern Pioneer Day marked the year for the first homecoming queen, Miss Gladys Meade of Fedora, South Dakota. In 1923 Pioneer Day was changed to Eastern Frontier Day, because Yankton and Spearfish Normal called their homecoming Pioneer Day. The change of the name didn’t affect the event; there was a parade and a barbeque that served 6000 people. In 1924 the name was changed from Eastern Frontier Day to Eastern Day. Over the next few decades “Eastern Day” was huge success with the parades growing larger every year, variety shows, and growing crowds cheering on the Trojans at the football game.

Eastern Day October 19, 1929 was recorded in a documentary film staged by Eastern State Teachers College about the early history of South Dakota and personal life of General Beadle in South Dakota. The documentary was titled “Dacotah”. The film was the first of its kind ever filmed in the United States. The film deals with geological development, the Indian Era, prairie fires, sod houses, blizzards, Indian raids and many other significant events in the settlers lives.

1976_Homecoming_pic_.jpgIn 1955 the homecoming name was subject to change again. Eastern Day was now renamed Tutor Day. The Tutor Day activities included variety shows, coronation of the queen of Tutor Day, bonfires, lunches, and a dinner for students and alumni.

The 1970’s marked the change of the homecoming name again. Tutor Day was changed to Trojan Days. Along with the Trojans Days were the Trojans Games. The rituals for the Trojan Games were root-beer drinking, pie eating, and tug of war. Dakota State University still calls their homecoming Trojan Days.