Claude E. Tyrell Sundial

SunDial.jpg"The sun dial located at the south side entrance to Beadle Hall was erected in the memory of Claude E. Tyrrell, for many years the Superintendent of Buildings. Mr. Tyrrell was a student at the Normal School in its early days when General Beadle was the president."

'He was dedicated to the welfare of the school and it made no difference whether it was night or day, good weather or bad, if there was something that required his attention, he was on the job. Mr. Tyrrell was a man of exemplary habits. On occasion he might express rightous indignation, but never a profane word. He was kind and patient, especially with the young men students assigned to him as assistants.' -V. A. Lowry

"His death was caused by an accident while he was carrying on his duties. The funds for this memorial provided by faculty members and students. It was constructed by the Industrial Arts Department under the direction of L. N. Pease."



Lowry, V. A. Forty Years at General Beadle (1922-1962) . Madison, SD: Dakota State University, 1984. Pg 117.