General Beadle Statue

GeneralBeadleStatue.jpg"The statue is located on the southwest corner of Campus in front of Lowry Hall and was made from a cast taken from the General Beadle statue in the rotunda of the State Capitol in Pierre. It is a duplicate of the statue of General Beadle which was placed in Statuary Hall in Washington, D. C. The granite base came from the quarry in Jasper, Minnesota."

"The statue was erected in 1937 during the Beadle Centennial. The Eastern Alumni Association under Dr. R. S. Westaby, then the Association president, assumed the responsibility of raising funds for the project. Dr. Westaby, who was a student at the Normal when General Beadle was president, was quite optimistic and thought the required amount could be raised quite easily. However, money was still tight and the campaign was difficult. To further the campaign, Dorothy Westaby and Joe Swan, students at Eastern, made small busts of General Beadle. They came in two sizes. For contribution of a certain amount, you could get the smaller size and for a larger contribution you could get the larger bust. Many of these busts are still to be found in Madison."

"Professor J. W. Goff was the speaker at the dedication dinner. Professor Goff was a member of the Normal faculty during General Beadle's tenure as president. Mrs. Mae Beadle Fink, daughter of General Beadle, was present and participated in the dedication ceremonies."


The plaque reads "Brigadier General Wm. H. H. Beadle: 1838-1915. Soldier Statesman Educator Conservationist. Through his leadership twenty million acres of school lands were saved for posterity in South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Washington. President of this school 1889-1905. Professor of History 1905-1912. Erected by the Alumni, Community, and Friends during the Beadle Centennial. Dedicated November, 22 1937"



Lowry, V. A. Forty Years at General Beadle (1922-1962) . Madison, SD:
Dakota State University, 1984. Pg 117-118.