World War II Memorial Electric Organ

"During WW II, Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Newcomb, both graduates of General Beadle State College, donated $1,000 for a service roster for the graduates, former students, and students serving in the armed forces of our country. A committee was appointed to consider the purchase. Mr. L. N. Pease of the faculty was the chairman and the other members were representative of the students and alumni. After giving the matter considerable thought, the committee decided a service roster was not practical because it would not be possible to get a correct list of all those who were serving. It was decided to hold a donation until after the close of the war and then use the money for a suitable memorial. Mr. and Mrs. Newcomb concurred in this decision. The money was invested in US Savings Bonds and later used to purchase the electric organ now in the College Auditorium--the designated memorial to those who served in WW II."



Lowry, V. A. Forty Years at General Beadle (1922-1962) . Madison, SD: Dakota State University, 1984. Pg 118.