Hary Pitkin Bowes

Hary Pitkin Bowes
11th President of Dakota State
In office
Preceded by Laurence Samuel Flaum
Succeeded by Allen R. Millar
 Personal Details
Born November 12, 1935 Des Moines, Iowa
Died June 20, 2017 Logmont, Colorado


Dr. Harry P. Bowes was born in Des Moines, Iowa. Bowes received his B.S and M.S degrees from Northwest Missouri State University and completed graduate work at Illinois State University, and the University of Illinois before earning his doctorate from the University of Colorado Bowes was appointed Assistant Dean of Students at NW Missouri State in 1957, Director of Men’s Residence Halls at the University of Colorado in 1960, and Dean of Students at General Beadle State College in 1962. He became Administrative Assistant to the President in 1964. In March of 1967 Bowes was appointed acting President, and named President two months later. During his tenure the four residence halls: the Trojan Center, the Mundt Library, the Tyrrell Physical Plant, and the Trojan Field facilities were planned and constructed. Kennedy Hall, East Hall, and the former Community Hospital now known as Heston Hall Administration Building were renovated. Funds were also appropriated for the construction of the Ruth C. Haberger Science Center. It was noted that Bowes, at age 31, was the youngest college president in the nation. It came as a shock when the new State Commissioner of Higher Education Dr. Richard Gibb announced his Master plan for South Dakota included the recommendation to close Dakota State College or at least that it be converted to a junior college. President Bowes led a vigorous fight for the life of DSC with the strong support of the faculty, student body, alumni, community, and state legislators. This effort prevailed. Bowes and local leaders also successfully opposed legislation to make Dakota State a branch of South Dakota State University. Dr. Bowes left DSC in August of 1971 to become President of the University of Southern Colorado in Pueblo. Bowes was honored with the Distinguished Service Award from the International Council on Teacher Education awarded at the 1976 World Assembly held in Washington, D.C. In the spring of 1978, Bowes accepted the appointment as Executive Director and CEO of Colorado Counties, Inc. 


Dakota State University Archives, Madison, South Dakota

RG 8, DSU 132, Box 855.